Handi-Hoops Explained!

April 23rd, 2012Posted by Lee

Hi, My name is Kris Hansen. I want to give you a little information on how I use this piece of equipment. For many years I have made my own “hoops” to help me pull wires in buildings. Over time, I had never seen or heard of anyone using a similar method of pulling and […]

Home Wiring

February 11th, 2012Posted by Lee

OK, so you want to install home theater audio cabling. You have to go above the ceiling and below the floor, I know,  AND You want to go there at most, once, but not more than that. Well, now you can. With a handful of handi-hoops you pull the wire as you install… and secure […]

Next Gen Wiring Management

June 25th, 2010Posted by Travis

Its common to install electrical wire in a two man configuration. The first step is to rough in the electrical wire, the second step is to go back and staple it all in for support. With our handi-hoops product, we’ve found that electrical line runs can often be done with one person in a much […]

Structured Cabling with Handi Hoops

February 20th, 2010Posted by Travis

Structured cabling is the process of organizing and designing the system by which you lay out your cable installations.  Typically installed in a star formation, structured cabling installs allow maximum flexibility in future expansion.  Each cable run typically runs back to a single patch panel or ‘hub’ where all cables are terminated at their central […]